My Wife and I both began wanting the same things from a relationship, we had similar and complimentary goals in life for both our careers, children, and hopes for the future. Over a period of time, we began to not necessarily grow apart, but the day-to-day was driving a wedge between us, and work demands keeping us apart for extended periods. We spent a lot of our time together having fierce rows and had reached a “make or break” point.

Initially I was sceptical that anything could be salvaged from our relationship as there was a lot of anger, misunderstanding and lack of time or interest toward each other. My Wife suggested professional help, as deep down we both wanted to stay together, however there was a lot of ground to cover and it would be a difficult and at times a painful, emotional journey. Through meeting with Viv, committing to the process, we focused on where we wanted to get to, and with Viv’s help, we were able to slowly work through many issues.

It’s not easy. It is draining to go through problems, especially with someone you have made a lifelong commitment to, and who has become “the enemy” so to speak. It is also a challenge to reflect with self-analysis.

We were given unique tools to aid us as individuals and as a couple. Viv showed us immense courtesy, professionalism and exercised a brilliant level of insight from an outside perspective. Viv does not sit there and tell you what to do, but encourages open, frank conversation. The process lets this follow its own natural course. We found that this helped us as individuals and as a couple, to realize what we want.

The help we received has taught us a lot about each other and ourselves. For that we are eternally grateful. Without Viv’s assistance, we would without doubt, be divorced, and have two wonderful children with an absent parent. We have come to terms with where we were, and now we feel stronger as a team, better together to take on the world, we know there will be arguments, it’s a fact of life, but we have been helped to learn lessons to work together to achieve a happy and stable relationship.

It goes without saying that it was worth every smile, tear, hour, minute and penny invested at the beginning of the process. Again, you are not told what to do, you learn, realize, and decide for yourself, gaining considerable maturity in the relationship and future together.

To say Thank You to Viv, seems to fall somewhat short in showing our appreciation for her time, skill and professionalism. A job well done!

GM – Airline Pilot-19.11.12

Thanks so much for Wednesday evening. It really helped to break some of the ice of the past week and we are now getting along again. It really helped to talk about things with your calming influence there.

We really appreciated your time and help with navigating our way through the tangle of confused feelings that has developed in our relationship over the years.

On a personal note, I just wanted to say thanks for helping us (me) with our long running debacle discussed this session. I don’t know quite how, but during the session I felt myself letting go of it and my animosity towards them, and really think I can now get over it and move on. Your email helped jog me along with this too. You have a way of saying ‘get the hell over it already’ which makes sense to me and is still sensitive and accepting of the validity of my feelings. Or something. Anyway, it helped a lot. So thanks.

Hope you have a lovely weekend. We will now have one too – thanks to you!

JR – Teacher – 15.3.13