I came to Viv on a recommendation from a friend. I am a businessman with a hectic work schedule and a number of seemingly intractable problems in my personal life. I related to Viv straightaway. She helped me to define the key issues and allowed me to explore a whole range of ways of coming to grips with them.

I have learned from her some tools and skills that will be invaluable to me from now on. She is kind, caring and understanding but has the rare capacity to set tasks that need to be done to build for the future and to ensure that they are completed.

I feel that I am now on a different track. I am more confident, self – motivated and most importantly I am learning to care about myself again. She has helped me to change the course of my life for the positive and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

RM – Managing Director of Communications Company

If you’ve lost your way at work and need to rekindle your inner confidence and self belief 6 sessions with Viv is all it takes. I was instantly comfortable in opening up to Viv. Her calm, friendly and warm approach made it easy for me to explore the fears and anxieties I had about my stresses at work. Her knowledge and experience was invaluable and she quickly understood what would help drive me to success. The greatest thing of all was that she guided you down your path and helped you to discover your strengths for yourself. This has already given me a fresh and enthusiastic approach to work which I had when I first started in my career and it is something I will hold onto thanks to her patience, guidance and determination to help me believe in me and my success. Thank you,Viv!

Best wishes,

Simon Williams

Simon Williams (Merchandise Planner)

I have been dealing with a number of life changing issues over the past year including marriage break up, change of job (not intentional) and trying to maintain a work life balance under pressure at work to perform. I often found my self working 12+ hours a day just to get the work done – and I am quite an organised person.

At one particular point it was all getting a bit too much and a friend suggested I meet up with Viv. I decided to do so and I am really glad I did. Discussing my issues with Viv helped me get my life into perspective and at the same time Viv also enabled me to find ways to manage the work life balance, the only thing that was in my control. The strategies she suggested worked.

The good thing about Viv was how she probed to get to the nub of the matter and did not let me slide away from an issue. She enabled me to focus on problems in a positive way which allowed me to begin to either come to terms with a situation or to actually take action to deal with it. I was able to break things down into manageable chunks – don’t eat an elephant all at once is my advice now.

I would certainly return if I found that my life was getting out of control again or I felt that things were becoming too much to deal with.

LD – Deputy Headteacher

I was interested in Coaching because I have been wanting to change my career for some considerable time but have not managed to do hardly anything at all about it. Coaching with Viv has moved me forward in this, making me focus on what I want from a new career and making me examine the skills and attributes I have to offer.

Throughout Viv was patient, encouraging and enthusiastic. This created for me the motivation I previously lacked. With the experience of Coaching behind me, I am now confident that I will now find my ideal job.

CT – Customer Services Advisor