You’ve had such an effect on me, Viv. You really helped me get beyond my stuck point and out of my comfort zone. Now I’m out there I feel like I’m on a roll. Thank you so much.

JC – Solicitor

I arrived at my session with Viv full of anticipation and excitement.

Having known Viv for some time in a professional capacity and referred a number of my clients to her for mediation and relationship coaching I felt sure that her input would be helpful.

I had called Viv as I was struggling to make a decision about what to do with my career. Having been in my job for a number of years another option had presented itself to me but I felt unsure about making such a big decision and the implications of that going forward. So I found myself arranging some coaching with Viv. It felt like a treat to be giving myself some time and space to talk through my thoughts and make plans with her.

So, at that first session, I sat down with Viv in her lovely calm, welcoming space and started to talk about where I was at and what my thoughts were about my plans. I was absolutely stunned when, as I spoke, I started to cry and cry!  I did not realise how much of a dilemma I felt I was in. Viv’s warmth, compassion and love enabled me to really speak about my fears and worries openly. So we spoke. Viv described how I seemed to be knotted up with the decision I was trying to make.  We talked about the importance of not acting from position of weakness, uncertainty or distress and  agreed that I needed to get strong – so this evolved into my goal: ”I want to make myself strong so that I am in a position of strength and clarity to make the right decision in relation to my career choices”.

Viv and I established some steps that I would take between that first session and the next to work towards that goal. I left feeling a massive sense of relief.

Incredibly from the day after that first session I felt a massive shift in my outlook which was almost unbelievable. I felt I could breathe easily and as if I was sat back, calm and with a sense of peace. Amazingly from that day on, all the elements in respect of my proposed career change started to fall into place. It felt quite mysterious that all the different factors just presented themselves over the days that followed. And by the time our next session came around I felt absolute clarity about what I was to do.

So, in that second session I spent a very enjoyable hour with Viv,  planning, very practically,  the next steps that I needed to take to further my career shift. I left feeling a sense of peace and exhilaration about the future.

We agreed that my goal had been achieved!

I cannot speak highly enough of Viv. Her compassion and warmth is matched by her cleverness and ability to see connections in a way which is very powerful. She is intelligent, thoughtful and loving. I am pleased to know her and personally, I will be forever grateful for her input and support at a tricky time in my life.

TH – Solicitor – 20.2.14

Viv has the rare skill of being able to combine a genuine and sincere care for your wellbeing with her ability to maintain the high standards of a consummate professional. Never judgemental or opinionated Viv challenges you to examine yourself and your behaviour and to learn to harness your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. The skills and techniques that I gained from Viv have continued to help me way beyond our sessions and I have made a conscious decision to utilise such techniques in day-to-day life both professionally and personally. A real talent and a credit to her profession.

JK, Business Owner, West Yorkshire

I turned to Viv for coaching to help me to set up my business. I had got stuck in fear and procrastination and was looking for someone who would help me to plan, make me accountable for implementing that plan, and at the same time cheer me along the route. Viv did all that with an enormously encouraging and facilitative style.

From the very first contact by phone, Viv was engaging, friendly and I felt in safe hands. Viv clearly really loves what she is doing, and really wants her clients to succeed; working with Viv has made me feel as if I have been lit after a long period of stagnation. Because of the careful way in which Viv asked about what I was looking for from coaching, I felt she understood my fears as well as my desires, so throughout the process she kept a watching eye on my gremlins and that allowed me to focus on moving forward.

Viv helped to free my thinking and also, through her structured approach, helped me to start to operate in a much more focused and productive way. Viv would always ask what needed to happen for me to do what I had said I wanted to and so I left each session with actions I was confident I could and would do.  After a session with Viv, I always felt newly energised and because of the effort that Viv put into sessions, her belief in my eventual success spurred on my own self-belief that I really could accomplish what I wanted to.

Caroline Frazer – Career Coach – 23.7.13

I called Viv because I realised I had too many things to deal with at once and I was struggling to handle both personal and work issues. I knew I needed some support and help from someone professional. Viv’s warmth, enthusiasm and focus were immediately reassuring and rapidly made me feel empowered and supported.

After completing our agreed set of sessions, I now feel much more in control. I am resolved about my future direction and enthusiastic about life. Viv is an excellent coach and clearly enjoys her job. I highly recommend her; she restored my confidence in myself. I hugely enjoyed our sessions and miss her vibrant presence.

S Carr – Artist, Image Consultant & Life Coach

I am a doctor with a busy job and doing some medical research. I am at a stage in my career where I need to decide whether to increase my commitment to research, possibly leading to a full-time academic post. I contacted Viv to help me work through this major decision.

I found the experience hugely rewarding. I learned many techniques which I can apply to this and other problems, as well as learning a lot more about myself, my strengths and my weaknesses.

Viv was a pleasure to work with. She had great insight and I would thoroughly recommend Viv as a coach to anyone needing some independent help to think through a difficult decision.

AC – Hospital Consultant – 8.10.12

We at St George’s Crypt have known of Viv’s work for over 10 years. As an organisation working with homeless and disadvantaged people, we have many clients who we could see potentially could gain real benefit from Viv’s life coaching skills.

We were delighted over a year ago to ask Viv to work with a number of our residents in one of our hostels. Viv’s very empathic style and her ability to listen and encourage has been of great value to our residents. There is no doubt that this kind of work was very important in contributing towards developing self-esteem and confidence and – in turn – to helping our residents to take that important step towards successful resettlement.

I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Viv – she is a thoroughly excellent professional practitioner.

Martin Patterson, Head of Fundraising and PR, St Georges Crypt – 12.6.13

I came to Viv on a recommendation from a friend. I am a businessman with a hectic work schedule and a number of seemingly intractable problems in my personal life. I related to Viv straightaway. She helped me to define the key issues and allowed me to explore a whole range of ways of coming to grips with them.

I have learned from her some tools and skills that will be invaluable to me from now on. She is kind, caring and understanding but has the rare capacity to set tasks that need to be done to build for the future and to ensure that they are completed.

I feel that I am now on a different track. I am more confident, self – motivated and most importantly I am learning to care about myself again. She has helped me to change the course of my life for the positive and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

RM – Managing Director of Communications Company

Coaching with Viv was fantastic! It changed my life! In six sessions, my life was turned round! My aim was to improve the relationship with my Husband and develop self-confidence and I achieved my goal!

Viv enabled me to see how I could change things and this was liberating and empowering. I am now confident and able to identify and accept the things I can’t change and change the things I can. Coaching was an amazing experience, not to be missed! I felt Viv was with me every step of the way, really listening to me – she was inspiring and I felt I could trust her absolutely like a best friend!

VG – Retired teacher

Richard was reaching his late forties and starting to experience what some people would call a mid-life crisis – basically he was starting to lose direction.

Asking Richard how he found coaching Richard says
“Brilliant way to focus attention on oneself for a change – really helpful to analyze where one is and where one hopes to go – strongly recommended and Viv is the person to do it. Vivs’ legal experience and clear thinking will get you back on track…certainly helped me!

Richard – Surveyor

I approached Viv when considering a new career path but through her support I have discovered much more about myself than that! Through questioning and support Viv has given insights that I had never noticed about myself. I have gained confidence and now have a clearer picture of what is important to me. I now also have strategies I know I can use to overcome problems as they arise. I would unquestionably recommend working with Viv to anyone needing help setting a new path in their lives.

Ele Gibson – Senior Area Volunteer Manager – 6.12.12

Thanks for this. The work you are doing with me is helping me to transform my life and make everyone around me happier. You are very special.

TN – Managing Director

I undertook 8 sessions of coaching with Viv. This provided a relaxed and enjoyable experience, but at the same time it enabled me to reassess my priorities and move forward with my life targets.

I had not undertaken any form of life coaching before and the series of one to ones surpassed my expectations.

I would recommend Viv to anybody who needs a new or improved sense of direction.

P.M – Managing Director of large Architectural Practice

If you’ve lost your way at work and need to rekindle your inner confidence and self belief 6 sessions with Viv is all it takes. I was instantly comfortable in opening up to Viv. Her calm, friendly and warm approach made it easy for me to explore the fears and anxieties I had about my stresses at work. Her knowledge and experience was invaluable and she quickly understood what would help drive me to success. The greatest thing of all was that she guided you down your path and helped you to discover your strengths for yourself. This has already given me a fresh and enthusiastic approach to work which I had when I first started in my career and it is something I will hold onto thanks to her patience, guidance and determination to help me believe in me and my success. Thank you,Viv!

Best wishes,

Simon Williams

Simon Williams (Merchandise Planner)

Despite reservations about my first visit with Viv I found the whole experience more positive than I could ever have imagined.  It only took the first session to realise the benefit and what I found out about myself will stay with me for a very long time. Viv was very easy to talk to and had a knack of asking the right questions! I would definitely recommend Viv to anyone who needs a nudge in the right direction!

Marcus Berry – Professional Gambler – 21.3.16